Tips to Help Prepare for the Move


If you are not purchasing packing services, it is important to make sure that your valuable goods are packed properly to avoid any damages. Be sure to have sturdy boxes and to use foam or bubble wrap for all fragile items. The better you pack the less likely your movers may accidently break something.

Label Boxes

Labeling boxes! Labeling will make your unpacking process a lot easier, and also allow the movers to operate more efficiently by knowing exactly what room each box belongs to in your new home.

Clean Furniture

Clean your furniture. Cleaning your furniture will ensure that you are not bringing any unwanted dust or dirt into your new home. Giving you a nice and clean fresh start!

Rid of unwanted items

Get rid of items that you're not moving. Removing items or setting items aside all in one area that aren't making the trip to your new home will give your movers more room to work and will help expedite the process.

Remove flammable items

Be sure to remove any gas or oil in yard tools. Gas and oil can spill in the back of the truck, and can be extremely flammable.

Plan for elevator and truck parking

Plan for moving truck and elevator use in apartments. Be sure to move any vehicles that may be in the way. If you live in an apartment be sure to talk to management to see if there are any requirements or if you have to reserve the elevator for your movers. This will ensure no surprises on moving day.

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